What Nail Fungus Remover is the Best?

Onychomycosis, better know as nail fungus, is caused by fungi and yeasts that grow beneath the nails. Fungus is an obnoxious condition. It can affect either the toe nails, the finger nails or both. There is a greater chance of getting infected on the feet rather than the hands and there are many reasons for this.

More and more people are getting infected by nail fungus. Since the 1900’s, millions and millions of men and women have contacted the disease. Prior to that, this disease was barely existent with almost no reported cases.

Who’s prone to getting an infection, men or women?

Studies have shown men outnumber the women. People suffering from diabetes have a much higher chance of catching this disease. Athletes are more likely to get infected because of continuous perspiration in the shoe and higher possibility of nail trauma.

Determine if you have an infection and treat it promptly:

There are number of ways to determine if you have a nail infection. Most common symptoms are a color change in your nails, unusual appearance and or the thickening. It can look brittle and rough, will lose its shine and sheen and could start to loosen. If you’ve any of these symptoms, you need to find the best natural remover for your condition.

What Fungus Remover Is The Best?

There are several fungus removers that are available on the market. You can use oral an anti-fungal treatment for curing the infection. Sporonox and Lamisil are the most commonly used treatments. These medications are expensive and long term, as you may be required to take them for few months. These medications also help in the growth of new nails that are free of fungus. They are found to be successful in 60 to 80% of the cases. But the side effects caused by these medications often discourage many from taking them and chances of recurrence of an infection are high.

A natural topical solution is your best cure:

Topical medications are also used widely in curing an infection. They come in various forms; creams, liquids, gels and can be applied directly to the infected nail Thick nails should be filed down and thin as possible, so a topical can penetrate the nail layers. This important tip alone will mean the difference between a successful nail cure and one that doesn’t seem to work.

Special chemicals and ingredients are used that penetrate the nail in order to reach and heal the area infected. Topical medications like Keralac Nail Gel and Carmol 40 are also used to reduce the thickness of the nails.

Alternative or Natural medications are very popular now a days and are used by many for a successful cure. They have been proven to be successful in providing long term relief and by reducing the chances of recurrence.

Natural anti-fungal are very popular for treating an infection and should be used above all other prescription treatments.