What Masturbation Will Do to You!

I would like to advise you to slow down if you have been masturbating heavily! The good it will do to you is just that moment when you are feeling the self-satisfaction. Have you for once asked yourself if there are any health implications or physical challenges associated with masturbation or what it can do to your future? If you have not, consider it a question worth asking! In this article, I will be listing some dangers or effects of masturbation, be sure to read and use them to project what you want your future to look like.

• Masturbation Will Make You Develop Low Self-Esteem

This is usually the first thing that will happen to you when you start masturbating. It follows with self-torture and regret for actions taken. When you masturbate, you are simply limiting the ergo in you; this is the reason why you feel so inferior before your mates or friends. Yes! You will start seeing yourself as a half man!

• It Will Result to Memory Loss

In case you have not heard, masturbation reduces your mental and reasoning abilities. If you are a student, you will usually be faced with the problem of concentration. Each time you want to read, your mind will begin to call up the images, porn movies and other related porn materials which you have accessed, thus making concentration a problem for you; even when you manage to read, it will not take time before you forget everything. Constant masturbation results to memory loss avoid it and be free today!

• It Will Distance You From God

The mentality you should have each time you masturbate is that you have wasted the semen required to multiply just as God instructed. God detests self-sex; if you cannot control it get yourself a wife and start doing the real thing with her. Always remember that it is your creator’s wish for you to be fruitful and multiply and not to waste your divine resources on some kind of self-killing sex.

• It Will Reduce Your Manhood

Manhood in this case is not the size of your penis; but your quality and ability to perform as a man. Too much masturbation results to quick ejaculation and production of watery sperm.

I am sure you don’t want any of the above to happen to you? Learn from them and get freed from masturbation!