What Kind of Tree are You – How to Kick the Worry and Fear Habit Cold Turkey

Imagine walking through a beautiful apple orchard looking at apple trees that are filled with ripe juicy red apples. You grab your bucket to start picking apples and as you reach toward the branch you see, an orange?

What is an orange doing on an apple tree?

Either something is terribly wrong or you are in a bad dream. Possibly the tree did not have proper nourishment while developing. It produced an overflow of what it was fed.

Jesus lived life from the overflow of his heart.

He spoke and demonstrated the fruit of compassion, love, and power. Jesus produced this fruit by getting proper nourishment from his Source. The nourishment from God not only allowed him to live what he taught, the abundance caused an overflow to help others.

Take a moment and think about this question. What kind of fruit are you bearing from the tree of your life? Would you be the tree with all the ripe juicy apples or the apple tree that grows oranges?

I do not know about you, but I see myself as that apple tree with the oranges. Because of what I have allowed into my life through the years, I produced fruit that was not in line with who God created me to be. My source of nourishment was hooked up to fear and approval from other people.

Can you relate? What type of fruit are you carrying that is keeping you from enjoying the life that Jesus promised? Take a moment and look into your heart. What does the overflow of your heart look like? Does the fruit of compassion and joy overflow from your tree? Or do you see an overflow of worries, sickness, fear, etc.

How can you bear fruit like the Jesus? What secret did he have that you can use right now?

He knew his Source and allowed nothing else to provide false nourishment.

Today find areas in your life that are providing the false illusion of nourishment. Start with one action and ask God for strength. Before you know it, your life will transform before your eyes and your overflow will match your true abundant source.