What Is Your Phobia?

We do not have  phobias  when we are still babies. We were once babies, meaning we are not born with  phobias . We learn to have  phobias . As much as we learn to walk, we learn to have  phobias .

What causes  phobias ?

The One And Only Answer Is. . . guess. . What? Our minds

We learn everything as babies so you are not born with a  phobia  but we learn to fear when we grow older. For example myself, can you believe it, it is amazing – I had a  phobia  of driving a car. What happened was I practiced well at the driving school. And I bought my first car and I went into the wall with a brand new car. That created a lot of fear in me. I started to panic when I was suppose to drive that car, I would start to have stomach bugs, I became crippled by the fear of driving and always pictured that wall. I did everything I could but I was scared to death. People started driving my car, they started talking about my fear and the more they talked the more the fear grew.

You see my mind immediately erased everything I learned from the driving lessons I took. I lost confidence I lost interest on taking trips with my own car. If I wanted something in town I will have to wait for someone to drive me there. The only person who took a decision to change the  phobia  was me. How? I started asking myself questions like :

1. What causes the fear?

2. Is this fear bigger than me?

3. What are the steps that I could take to unlearn the belief that a fear is bigger than me?You can also ask yourself these questions.

Always remember this-

-Your mind is your powerful tool so you can imagine yourself overcoming the fear with your mind. You can also imagine yourself when you were a little person when you were full of energy, just wanted to learn and experience everything in life. Just call yourself a baby the time you are faced with that fear play, laugh and fill your spirit with ever lasting energy of childhood. You can beat it by getting deep inside of the power within you. You are the most powerful force in the universe.

Wishing you the best in your journey of defeating your battles of  phobia .