What Is Urology And How Can An Urologist Help You?


Ideally, you should consult an urologist whenever you face problems while urinating. The problem can be of varied types. For instance, you may be experiencing a burning sensation while you urinate or the frequency of urinating may be irregular. In some cases, you may experience a pain in your lower abdomen as well.

Under no circumstances should you ignore the symptoms as the conditions can worsen. There can be chances of bladder or prostrate cancer which may prove fatal if neglected. You should immediately schedule an appointment with an urologist so that the cause of the trouble can be located and easily easily. Erectile dysfunction can also be treated by an urologist by means of surgery.

Urology can roughly be categorized into 8 different categories or sub-specialties:

* Pediatric urology – This branch concerns children who have been affected with infections in the urinary tract.

* Urinary tract stone – Calcium deposits accumulating in the urinary tract eventually lead to the formation of stones that block the urethra. This results the urine from coming out and the person experiences intense pain in their lower abdomen.

* Urologic oncology – Deals with tumors.

* Renal transplantation – Your kidney may be infected due to which its functions maybe hampered.

* Neuurorology – It deals with the problems concerned with nerves. Nerves are an integral part of the body as they control the functions to a great extent. If anything goes wrong with them, the issue needs to be taken care of immediately.

* Male infertility – This condition occurs when the man's sperm fails to fertilize the egg in the ovary, resulting in repeated failure when a couple wants to start a family.

* Female urology – As is evident from the name, this branch deals with urology problems experienced by females.

* Erectile dysfunction – This happens when the male is unable to maintain an erect penis during sexual interference. Do not ignore this problem as it can be easily fixed by taking proper treatment from an urologist.

Are you experiencing a burning sensation or pain while urinating? Careful, because there may be some infection! Consult an urologist without delay.