What is Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is problem that many of the people suffer usually in old ages. It occurs when a minor fungi enters the nail portion of the toe and makes it position well by spreading in inner surface. Toenail fungus have different symptoms to different people, some observe it in brown color and some in yellow. Its gets swollen or some times a hard part of the nail area. Toenail fungus gets more space in the moist skin of the toe, also wearing of socks and shoes make it possible to grow faster.

The toenail fungus doesn’t get much common among children, but that’s sure it gets possibility with the growing age. Doctors call this fungus infection as Onychomycosis. The toenail fungus can be cured now by several medicines and home remedies as well. Toenail fungus infection usually occurs when a particular body interacts in public places. Places like gyms, swimming pools and even among the family members the fungus can easily spread. The toenail fungus is seen to change the color of the toenail, sometime yellow and sometimes white etc. This type of fungus can occur on fingernails as well, but it mostly found on foot toe, as it grows slow and usually remains moisten due to wearing socks and shoes. The fungus infection usually occurs on the big toe or the smallest one but it doesn’t matter that it can pick up place on any of the toes. In short we can describe that this type of fungus is a spreading type one, it can affect the next toenail or any other body part as well.

Some other reasons for the toenail infection are improper PH level of the skin; often the skin is not completely dried of the foot skin after bathing or exercises so this also makes the skin open for the fungus infection. One main category of the people that suffer of the toenail fungus is diabetic patients or those people with improper immune system. These people are more prone to toenail fungus and for securing one’s own body they must need to cut nails regularly. Once the toenail fungus occurs, it gets fine by its own time. This may take much time depending on the condition of the fungus infection so the easier way to avoid is the prevention. Preventing the fungus infection is just the matter of paying attention to the nail portions of both hand and feet.

The first thing to avoid is to use the shared shoes or socks of any body else for personal use. Every body has hidden bacteria in the moist body parts and its related things if used by one will allow the fungus spread easily on one’s own body. It is better to keep the feet covered in the public places where others bare feet are interacted easily like that of swimming pool and public showers. Some kind of covering material should be worn before going to such places. There are different devices available in the market that relaxes the leg muscles and cushions it avoiding the over-probation. Second main thing to consider is to dry feet properly after bathing or exercises or anything that makes feet more moisten. Do not leave your feet to dry in air, its better to pat your feet with toweling cloth.

Get your feet nails trimmed and proper pedicure is a must. It is recommended not to apply nail polish for long time as it can lock the bacteria inside the nail skin and fungus infection can develop easily. These are some minor aids one can do attentively. But if the problem persists and the pain is permanent one should at the very first seek guidance of the foot doctor. Doctor can bring relief either by a minor cut on the puss or by other medicinal method that chop off the problem. A little attention if paid on the foot can avoid lot of problems like the toenail fungus.