What is Thrush? A Terrible Illness Or Just a Fact of Life?

What is thrush? This is something that affects thousands of women every single day and it even affects men, children and animals too. Thrush is often thought of as a dirty illness and this is just not the case. It's actually a really common problem that will affect more than 75% of women through their life and out of that amount, more than half of them will have reoccurring bouts of thrush.

So what is thrush? Thrush is a simple bacterium known as yeast, it's present in women's bodies by nature and works to help keep you healthy. When the bacterial medically known as candidas grows and multiplies it can cause you problems – this is what brings on an outbreak of thrush or a yeast infection.

When these infections strike they can be really uncomfortable for the sufferer. The itching alone is enough to drive you mad and this itching when you have thrush is what can cause further problems. The good thing is, thrush is easily treatable and is normally nothing to be worried about. When you have a yeast infection you need to know the signs, know what to look for and take action as soon as you see or feel it coming.

Thrush shows so many different signs that it would be near impossible to list them all here. The itching and a whitish discharge that is the most common signs are a good indication that you are suffering from thrush. As I already mentioned, thrush is easily treatable most of the time and can be caused by a whole host of reasons. You should remember though, thrush does need to be treated as it can cause other problems if it's not.