What is Thrush?

If you're unsure what thrush means it's a fungi infection in the mouth and is also known as Candida fungi. If you have thrush then you will need to make sure that you treat the fungi infection immediately so that you can limit the disease from spreading through your mouth. If you do not treat thrush then it could spread through your esophagus and throat which could cause further implications. Make sure you treat the thrush when it develops so you do not need to worry about the infection spreading and causing more damage.

Typically thrush will occur with individuals who have weak immune systems. With a weak immune system you're unable to battle a lot of the common infections that occur in humans and therefore you're more prone to having the infection. Typically Candida will not cause infection to humans as it's an organism which lives inside the body, but it potentially can in weaker immune systems.

When you have thrush you will notice that you will have white build ups inside of your mouth which is from the fungi building up inside of your mouth. If it is not in the white build up stage yet then you may only notice redness in your mouth which results in soreness. If you have any soreness at all from the thrush then you may need to seek medical attention although there are treatments out there that you can use on your own.

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