What is the Definition of a Phobia?

Are you continuously being haunted by fear about anything you wish had not existed? In a clear and simple statement, phobia is not an ordinary fear. It is a persistent and intense fear towards anything such as people, situations, activities, or things. There are various forms and types of phobia and the possibility of acquiring phobia from anything is without limits. Due to such morbid fear, people who have phobias usually avoid the feared subject. In a medical point of view, phobia is one of the most common anxiety disorders. It is also considered a mental disorder capable of occurring in almost all age groups.

Phobias are sometimes mild. But in most cases, phobias are worse and too intense that it becomes uncontrollable. This morbid fear becomes too alarming to the extent that it is capable of interfering in one's daily life. Women are vulnerable to phobias than men. Studies show that American women in all age groups are more likely to develop phobias compared to men.

Phobias are categorized into sub groups namely, social phobia, specific phobia, and agoraphobia. If you have fear of being embarrassed by scrutiny of others or simply performance anxiety, then you are suffering from social phobia. Specific phobia, as the name implies, includes dogs, elevators, snakes, flying, water, spiders, waves, balloons, and lots more. Agoraphobia on the other hand is simply identified as fear of leaving home or a small specific safe area.
If you happen to have phobia yourself, do not be bothered. There are many people who are suffering from such anxiety disorder and treatments are available to cure this. But before that, perhaps you would like to know how phobias originate. In most cases, phobias are caused by a so-called triggering event such as a traumatic experience. Phobias are more likely to occur if such trauma has occurred at an early age. But all in all, it is the combination of genetics, heredity, brain chemistry, and life experiences that phobias arise.

Like all other people who are suffering from various types of phobia, you would also wish to cure away your illness. There have been various types of treatments that are proven to be effective in treating phobias. The most commonly used treatment is the Systematic Desensitization Therapy where therapists use imagery exercises to desensitize patients to the feared subject. The treatment is used to gradually reduce one's anxiety. Patients are guided in mastering their anxiety through tiny doses until they become fully capable of overcoming their fear. Other useful therapies are the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Emotional Freedom Technique.