What is the Best Position to Give a Girl an Orgasm – Answered at Last!

Is there a “best” position in which to give a girl an orgasm?

Ultimately, no. Every girl is different, and has different likes, dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs, and personal preferences, which means that finding which position(s) will work best to get her off is primarily a matter of trial and error.

However, in order to make things a bit easier on you, I thought I would talk about some of the positions I have found that have a very high success rate in regards to helping a girl achieve orgasm. If it’s your first time with a girl, or even if you just haven’t had much experience with this particular woman, try trying a few of these out in the one session and see if any are particularly successful.

Position #1: Cowgirl

The cowgirl position is one of the most simple, effective sexual positions for female stimulation out there. Essentially, you lay on your back, and she straddles you while kneeling (facing towards you). This will allow her to bend forward to change the angle that your penis hits her vaginal wall, making it easier for her to guide it to her G Spot. It also allows her to take in as much or as little of you as she wants, by raising or lowering her body via her legs. On top of all this (no pun intended), the position lends itself to a decent amount of visual communication and intimacy, and also has the bonus of not requiring you to work too hard! What more can you ask for?

Position #2/3: Variations on the Missionary Position

When most people envision missionary, they think of dry, drull, ho-hum sex that can’t end fast enough. And that’s a shame, really, because you can easily adapt some slight, simple changes and allow the missionary position to metamorphise into something really exciting.

Firstly, try putting a pillow under her butt. This will raise the angle of her hips, allowing your penis to give rhythmic stimulation to her G Spot. Obviously this is with you on top, as is the next variation.

For variation number two, experiment with putting her legs over your shoulders. This will tighten the vaginal opening, making it feel much tighter for you, as well as much more intense for her. Be careful in this position however, as if you are bigger than average it can be pretty easy to accidentally hit the   cervical  wall, which is a sure-fire mood killer.

Position #4: Doggie-Style

Sex from behind, like all the other positions discussed thus far, has many distinct advantages. In addition to allowing her (or you, if your arms are long enough) to play with her clitoris during intercourse, it allows her to basically set the angle, speed, depth, and other factors to her liking. In addition it lends itself well to quick, powerful thrusting, not to mention some more “kinky” additions such as spanking and hair-pulling.

So the next time you have sex with your girl, try out one or two of these positions. Take note of how reacts. Talk to her about what she liked and didn’t like about it. Eventually you will find one that really, really works for you – in which case you will at least have a base-line to compare future sexual experiences with her with.