What Is The Anxiety Disorder Cure?

What exactly is an Anxiety Disorder and why do millions of people in the world suffer from it? It can show itself in many different forms, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Panic Attacks, Phobias; these are just some of the conditions which come under this heading. If you are told "there is no cure for an Anxiety Disorder, you will have to manage the symptoms with medication and therapy." This is simply not true; there is a cure.

Suffering from these disorders can have a devastating effect on your life and the lives of those dear to you. It can change you as a person and jeopardize your future.

You may well be wondering, well what exactly is it? Where does it come from? How does it start? Why have I got it? Will it get any worse?

An Anxiety Disorder is not, as many people believe, a mental illness, it is a behavioral condition. It comes from an extreme reaction to certain situations or circumstances that will cause you to experience inappropriate high anxiety.

This may have started as a result of a highly emotional, stressful experience in your life such as bereavement, a divorce or serious financial worries. Life threatening situations like being involved in serious accidents, being the victim of violence or personal experiences in a war zone. Any of these could trigger an Anxiety Disorder.

Anyone can develop an anxiety disorder, at any time in their lives. These disorders are totally indiscriminate, male or female, young or old, rich or poor, anyone could become a sufferer. Lifestyle makes no difference, your personal success or failure, has no bearing on who may become a sufferer. Once you develop one form of anxiety disorder you may then become susceptible to other forms. For example if you suffer repeated Panic Attacks you may find that you develop agoraphobia.

So what do you do if you believe you have an Anxiety Disorder?

Go to a doctor and get told that there is no cure. The doctor may prescribe you with medications, or recommend therapy, but this is just to help you manage your condition.

Alternately you could try the proven cure which has helped over 147,000 former sufferers.

A person that knows about Anxiety Disorders is Charles Linden. He had been a long term sufferer who took his doctor's advice and tried to control his conditions with prescribed medication and therapy. Nothing worked for him; he spent years on strong prescribed medication, which did nothing but damage to his body. He remortgaged his house just to pay for the expensive therapy which again did nothing to help him. His conditions just kept getting worse to the point where he became completely housebound and at the mercy of his disorders. In desperation, he took the advice of a newly qualified doctor who admitted he gradually came off the drugs. This doctor had been horrified to learn that he had been prescribed such dangerous drugs, in such large doses and were kept on them for so long.

It took him months to graduately withdraw from his "medication". He suffered horrific side effects and withdrawal symptoms, but eventually he cleared the drugs out of his body.

Even after ridding himself of all this false medication, Charles Linden was still a chronic sufferer of Anxiety Disorders.

He knew that seeking help from the medical profession or therapists would not help him. However, he was determined he would find the answers. Carrying out his own research he collected a mass of information on Anxiety Disorders. He had heard that there are people who claimed to be former sufferers. He contacted these people and questioned them in detail to find out what disorders that they had suffered from and what they had done to recover. He was looking for a common denominator and would not give up until he found it. After months of searching he had enough material to compile a treatment and try to cure his own Anxiety Disorders. It worked and in a matter of days of following this treatment some of his anxiety conditions had stopped.

He continued the treatment until he was confident he had made a full recovery.

Having found what he had spent years searching for, Charles Linden developed

"The Linden Method" the proven permanent cure for anxiety disorders.