What is Prenatal Stroke?

Meaning of prenatal stroke:

Strokes which occurs in an infant 5 months before birth and 1 month after birth is known as prenatal stroke. Sometimes this may ensue in childhood epilepsy. Research is being contracted so that strokes in infants can be detected at an early stage which would make treatment possible and reduce the damage.

How is Prenatal Stroke connected to Epilepsy?

An enduring damage to the brain as an outcome of a stroke leads to repeated seizures which is known as epilepsy. 5 months before birth and 1 month after birth strokes is the most usual reason for prenatal seizures in infections. Around 17% of the infants who get prenatal raptures suffer from strokes.

Reasons of stroke prior to birth:

The different causes of stroke prior to birth are as follows:

o Pore cephalic vesicles:
Pore ​​cephalic vesicles are uncommon liquid packed caves which can be seen in the brain of some babies. These cavities block the flow of blood to a particular region of the brain which results in stroke.

o Blood curdles:
Formation of blood curdles results when more than two or at least two babies carve up in the same womb, and one dies before birth. The dead baby turns out to form dead tissue and this is taken in again and moves inside the placenta resulting in a stroke to the unborn baby which is alive.

o Cramps of the blood vessels which helps in carrying blood to the baby's brain:
If a to-mother mother uses cocaine or amphetamines when she is carrying then cramps of blood vessels occurs in the baby.

o Exuberant hemorrhage in delivery:
When there is trouble in delivery and a huge quantity of blood is lost then the mother gets low blood pressure. The pressure becomes so low that the required of blood can not be pumped to the brain of the baby. These results in ischemic stroke in the baby due to local anesthesia given to the mother.

Reasons of stroke after birth:

The different causes of stroke after birth are as follows:

o Irregularities in the composition of the heart:
When the composition of the heart is irregular then blood clots are formed. These clots are transmitted to the brain and results in stroke.

o Result of infectious endocarditic:
A tiny pellet from bacteria which infects the valves of the heart gets transmitted to the brain resulting in strokes.

o Abnormal antibodies in mother:
Antiphospholipid in the mother effects the formation of blood clot resulting in stroke in the baby.

o Polygenic disorder in the mother can also incidence stroke in the baby.

o Suffering during birth also results in strokes.

o When an operation is connected in the baby to set right a defect in its heart also may result in stroke in the baby.