What Is Nasal Fracture Surgery?

It’s no surprise that the nose is the most common broken bone on the face. It’s just jutting out there waiting to be broken, and typically, blunt force trauma is the culprit, i.e. a fist fight or automobile accident. Unfortunately, though, this common occurrence is very unpleasant and painful, and in some cases, may require cosmetic surgery to repair.

Depending on the severity of the  fracture , the nose should be repaired as soon as possible. In fact, if restoration occurs too late after the break, the nose can begin to “set” itself and long-term cosmetic issues, like crookedness, and functionality problems, like trouble breathing, can persist. Typically, for severe nose  fractures , doctors recommend that the nose be reset as soon as possible.

So what happens if the nose isn’t reset soon enough following a  fracture ? Well, typically, nasal surgery is the only option.

Nasal  fracture  surgery – or a revision rhinoplasty – repairs damage caused following a broken nose. And the surgery is typically reversed for repairing cosmetic and functionality issues that occur long after the initial  fracture . As the nose is so prone to breaks, this is one of the most common types of facial plastic surgery.

When Should You Consider Nasal  Fracture  Surgery?

In general, the  fractured  nose can be repaired surgically or non-surgically, and the type of procedure depends on the severity of the  fracture  and the time that has passed since the injury.

Typically, less severe  fractures  can be repaired non-surgically. Following the initial  fracture , a doctor can “set” the nose by moving the broken nasal  bones  back into place. Once re positioned, the bones and cartilage can bond, which is similar to the natural process the body takes to repair a broken bone in the arm or leg. Yet, this must be completed fairly quickly following the injury, typically within 3 hours to a week. If the nose isn’t set soon enough, it can begin to repair itself in an abnormal position.

Nasal  fracture  surgery is generally reserved to repair extensive nasal  fractures  and to reverse lingering cosmetic and functional issues caused by a previous nasal  fracture .

Benefits of Nasal  Fracture  Surgery

For people who have suffered a broken nose, the benefits of a revision rhinoplasty are clear. These surgeries can help:

Restore the nose’s original size, shape and angle

Repair and improve breathing

Reduce snoring

And prevent problems caused a  fracture 

A broken nose is unpleasant and painful, but without quick repair, the unpleasantness can last a lifetime. People who have suffered a broken nose and experienced difficulty breathing, excessive snoring or a change in appearance should contact a certified facial plastic surgeon to weigh the options.

Choosing a qualified plastic surgeon who has substantial experience in revision rhinoplasty is critical for the best results.