What Is Myomassology?

Myomassology is a type of massage therapy that consists of various techniques and disciplines found in many different forms of bodyworks all over the world. The therapy of choice is basically selected through the preference of the client or based on the therapist’s decision regarding the medical needs of the patient.

Energy work which is being practiced by most of the Oriental types of bodywork treatments is known for its belief in the realm of human life force. It is very important for a therapist to be able to tell whether the energy within the client’s body is balanced or not as it holds the key to a healthy or unhealthy condition. Fluid massage strokes help the therapist in opening up and preparing the physical body by freeing clogged passage ways for the proper flow of life force.

Exercise and proper diet are equally essential in a Myomassology. Although the manual manipulation of the various massage strokes and techniques are effective, it is much better to mix up the whole treatment process with the use of other important therapies. Diet and exercise helps in maintaining a healthy constitution inside and outside.

Varying approach and style is commonly used during the therapy session, especially with each massage therapist. Initiative and intuition is usually used by every therapist as they don’t conduct a standard system of massage technique. Any massage therapy type that will fit the needs of the client will be used during the massage therapy session for the benefit and advantage of the patient.

Combination of techniques are utilized by the massage therapist aside from the use of the more popular and gentle approach of the Swedish massage. Yoga, acupressure, reiki, and reflexology are some of the massage disciplines used by the therapist during the session to address each specific health problems that may vary from a case to case basis.

After the therapy session, the massage therapist teaches the client the proper dietary plan, and workout programs that are essential part of the whole therapy process. In order to have a good therapy, the patient should strictly follow all of the dietary changes and regular exercises given by the therapist as homework after a Myomassology therapy.

Long term commitment is essential for a successful and permanent treatment of any physical condition of the client. At least twice a month session or once in a week is the ideal number of visits the client should make in order to acquire the health benefits and wonderful effects of the treatment. Aside from the constant visit to the massage spa, a healthy relationship through constant communication with the therapist and client is great for the effectiveness and progress of the therapy program.