What is Morbid Obesity?

What is morbid obesity? How has a condition that was once so rare become an almost common place disease affecting all types of people? Morbid obesity is a condition where an individual has a Body Mass Index (BMI) equal to 40 or over and it describes people that carry more than 100 pounds of excess weight. Morbidly obese people are just overweight or even mildly obese, they are extremely obese. They are very large individuals that are on the verge of (if not already) serious illness.

Morbid obesity causes an incredible amount of damage to the human body. So much so that there is not a major organ system that does not have an associated illness resulting from the condition.

Morbid obesity is one of the worst types of 'preventable illnesses' to suffer from, possibly even worse than smoking because it is so stressful and damaging to the body.

Morbidly obese individuals tend to die much sooner than normal-sized people. A study conducted by the Veterans Administration discovered that there was a twelve fold increase in mortality in a group of morbidly obese individuals between the ages of twenty-five to thirty-four years old and a six fold increase in the group aged thirty-five to forty-four. Basically morbidly obese people have a higher mortality rate. This is because there is so much that can potentially go wrong with a morbidly obese body. Associated diseases are as diverse as can be, from reliably mild sleep apnea to life threatening conditions such as congestive heart failure and strokes.

There are even diseases that can remain hidden and unnoticed within the body of the morbidly obese, which can lead to life destroying complications. High blood pressure and diabetes are two very serious conditions that can remain undiagnosed for years and remain untreated until it's too late.

Morbid obesity is a condition that an individual can not afford to maintain for too long. The longer someone remains morbidly obese the more in damage they can cause to their body.

If you happen to be morbidly obese you should try and seek professional medical advice. Most professionals would give a very overweight individual a number of weight loss options. Each option should be seriously considered in order to reverse the condition. Some of the suggestion may include diet and exercising, behavior modification, weight loss surgery, diet pills … the list goes on. Many of the options made available will be dependent on how overweight the patient is and how unwell they may be as well as a number of other personal factors. Morbidly obese individuals should seriously weigh up the options that are proposed so that they can lose as much weight as possible as soon as possible. The quicker the weight is lost the safer they're going to be.