What is Liver Cirrhosis? Prevent Having This Condition

The medical term given to the condition in which the liver is scarred and cannot be treated or reversed to the previously health state is liver cirrhosis. There are many causes behind this condition. Some primary ones are hepatitis B and C conditions, fatty liver and too much of alcohol intake. Aside from these, there are many other reasons, which can cause this condition.

The primary and most apparent symptom of liver cirrhosis is yellow discoloration of skin or jaundice. Apart from this, a patient might also suffer from puritus i.e. itching and also fatigue.

The scarring of liver does not happen overnight it happens over a period of time and it takes time for symptoms to show. This is the reason why cirrhosis of the liver is classified as a progressive disease. Liver cirrhosis develops when our liver is continuously subjected to damage. This leads to the replacement of healthy liver tissues with scar tissues. In worst conditions the flow of blood to the liver is stopped. This can even lead to liver failure, as there are not healthy tissues present for normal functioning of the liver.

There are many important functions of liver in our body. It is a vital organ for survival. The main functions of liver in the body are detoxification of toxins present in the body, purification of blood, production of essential nutrient, storage of energy and essential vitamins and nutrients.

In many cases, the liver is still able to function to some extents if the scarring is not too severe. If the damage is too much then the presence more number of scar tissues than healthy tissues hampers the normal functioning of liver causing irreparable damage.

There are some indicative symptoms of liver cirrhosis and this include loss of appetite, steady loss of body weight, nausea, abdominal pain in the area where the liver is, body weakness and itchy skin. Sever conditions can lead to yellow discoloration of skin, muscles cramps, difficulty in mental orientations and other mental problems, difficulty in absorbing alcohol and drugs.

The best treatment of cirrhosis of the liver is its prevention. You should try to limit your alcohol intake and lead a healthy life. Change your lifestyle to reduce alcohol dependence.