What Is Lipoma?

We are told that lipomas appear just because of a genetic predisposition. I have a hard time believing that. I feel that something external triggers the genes to produce excessive amounts of fat cells. I have a hypothesis as to why this happens.

Basically, I see only one reason for the growth of a lipoma. It has to be a triggering effect. And I think about the external or environmental triggers. It makes no sense that the body – developed for ages – would create harmless lumps without giving any reasons to create them.

The evolution has a habit of removing all features that are not useful. I mean, we all still have our tailbone, but it has decreased dramatically. Our ancestors had a tail, but because modern man no longer needs it, it has almost disappeared.

In the same way, I think all the tumors would have disappeared long ago, if they are not somehow beneficial for us.

So what then is a lipoma?

Dr. Simoncini who is a controversial Italian oncologist believes that lipoma is a cyst caused by fungi. He believes that fungal infection produces a chain reaction to which the body responds by packetizing the fungal cells with fatty tissue.

I’ve since read expanding my view that it is not necessarily fungus that causes the inflammation, but perhaps a pleomorphic bacteria. Pleomorphic means that either all microorganisms share an ability to resemble each other, or that some bacteria are able to transform themselves in us as viruses, bacteria or fungi.

There are many other clues that point to the bacterial causation. Many known carcinogens (eg, radiation, dioxin, tobacco, asbestos, red meat, alcohol, the immune-suppressing drugs, heavy metals) are praised by bacteria and fungi.

What are the causes lipomatosis?

I think lipomatosis happens because somehow escaped microorganisms or infected cells from the lump create new inflammation locations. I do not think there is any predisposition or dislocation in our genes, if we except the translocation is either inherited by one of our birth parents. In this case, the mutation caused by the microorganism was somehow distributed to the germ cells.

While this is all just speculation, it gives strong evidence, that properties can be found in the course of our lives and our children. This is known as epigenetics which means that non-genetic factors can result in the organism genes behave differently. The DNA that you develop during lifetime makes your children already prone to lipomas. In epigenetics, there is not necessarily mutations but a certain kind of cell memory.

But even if inherited, I do not think lipomas would begin to appear, without a reason. Perhaps some of us have genes that have already taken in a high-alert mode, and even if there is no need to start with the body fat cells gathering around the inflammation, they do so.

But what follows is that even if you do have an inherited translocation, how to change the situation, how your genes by helping to eliminate the cause of the inflammation and thus switching off the genes that produce the clumps are expressed.