What is Emetophobia?


I wanted to take the time to answer what is emetophobia? Most people haven’t heard of this because only a small minority of people actually suffer from this. It is something that has been growing more common though. If you’re unfamiliar, it is a person that has an irrational fear of vomiting. It may not sound so much different than yourself because I don’t ever want to vomit, but sufferers actually have a very irrational look at the world that causes them problems. I’m going to bring you into the life of a emetophobia suffer and help you understand the way they live.

This is the fear you’re going to have and it’s the fear that someone else might induce vomiting in you. Think about it for a minute. Germs will make you sick. You could be walking down the street and be afraid that someone might cough on you. It’s a totally reasonable assessment for any person, especially a person with emetophobia. Imagine going to restaurant with friends, a sufferer would be bombarded with questions in their mind. “Is the kitchen Clean”, “Did the chef wash their hands”, etc. These can consume a person and take over their life.

The emetophobia sufferer will eventually pull away from society because it’s something they can’t control. They don’t want to vomit, and they only way for them to do that is by controlling their environment. There home is really the only place. This isn’t an enjoyable thing and I know most people don’t want to have this problem, but there are treatment methods available that do work wonders, that don’t require pills or anything like that.