What is contraindications ultrasonic scaler

Ultrasonic cleaning works by using a special dental tooth powder blasting, head, wherein the tooth surface by sand blasting to remove plaque and pigments. For easy cleaning ultrasonic scaler to reach the gap in the teeth of plaque and pigment spots, pigmentation of the tooth surface for cleaning efficiency is much higher than other ultrasonic scaler.

Any person suffering from gingivitis and periodontitis need scaling. But there are many ways of scaling. Currently used ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus. The high-frequency ultrasonic vibration effect by removing tartar and plaque, with high efficiency, high-quality, time-saving features in the correct operation, minimal damage to the tooth surface. Scaling is one of the basic treatments of periodontal disease, it can remove risk factors to reduce gum inflammation, tooth appearance, oral comfort. Ultrasonic cleaning teeth for periodontal health of the population should be every six months to a year to a regular hospital ultrasonic scaling to prevent periodontal diseases.

Ultrasonic Scaler contraindications what

1. People with acute infectious diseases, such as acute active hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc., these people should wait until the disease has stabilized before reaching the hospital for scaling. Scaling the disease should be clear to Causes yellow teeth and whitening the doctor, the doctor should do good job-related aspects of the protection and use of the equipment must be disinfected or discarded. On the one hand because of their condition, addition also to avoid infecting others.

2. People with bleeding disorders, such as patients with thrombocytopenia, leukemia, blood clotting mechanism in these patients is not good, after scaling bleeding more easily. Uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, after scaling the mouth as easily lead to local infection. For these patients, the amount should be pre-application procoagulant drugs to control blood clotting speed, in order to avoid scaling when the bleeding and infection.

3. Ultrasonic Scaler contraindications in patients with malignant tumors gums should not accept the conventional scaling, in order to avoid local spread and distant tumor spread.

4. Local hard and soft oral tissue inflammation in patients in the acute phase should be over after the acute phase of scaling, in order to avoid aggravating local inflammation or spread through blood diffusion.

5. With active angina pectoris, myocardial Not to hurt the teeth whitening methods infarction within six months and the attack had failed to effectively control hypertension and heart failure patients not receiving conventional scaling treatment. As the ultrasonic stimulation and discomfort when scaling, may lead to illness. Ultrasonic Scaler contraindications installed artificial cardiac pacemaker if more is not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning teeth.