What is Colocteral Cancer?

You have obviously heard about breast cancer, being the most famous type of cancer. Colorectal cancer, is also known as bowel cancer. It is the most common cancer affecting men, as compared to breast cancer affects women most. Like most cancers, early detection is extremely vital. This could mean a difference between a life saved and a life lost.

Colon cancer originates in the tissues of the longest part of the large intestine while rectal cancer is found in the tissues of the rectum. The colon makes up the first six feet of the large intestines. Meanwhile the rectum makes up the last six inches. Cancer begins with a growth, in this case. It is called polyp on the inner side of the colon. This polyp can range from the size of a pinhead to as large as a golf ball. Note that some polyps are benign (not deadly) while others are malignant (deadly and can cause death).

Who are at risk for this cancer? Although it is more prevalent in men statistically, it is imperative to know that everyone is at risk too. Majority of colon cancer sufferers have no known risk factors. Although experts are still uncertain of the exact cause of colon cancer, there are some factors that have been overruled and made official as signs for this colorectal disease. Note that like all cancers, our colon is also susceptible like other parts or organs of our body. We humans are still in the process of advancing towards better medical technologies.