What is Causing Your Face Rash?

Getting a rash on your face can make you extremely uncomfortable and also embarrassed. You tend to hide it using your hand or creams, and also it is a worrisome thing. Also, a rash on the face is very difficult to hide. Sometimes a face rash may mean a much more serious illness. It is always best to investigate when you develop a face rash with the help of a doctor. There are some common causes for developing a face rash and these rashes look different.

One of the most common types of rash is the heat rash. When skin is exposed to excessive heat, the body’s temperature also increases. This excessive heat may cause a cluster of pimples and blisters in areas like the neck and face. The best way to get rid of this rash is by cooling down your body. You can have cooling things like butter milk or citrus juices.

Dry skin is another common cause of rash. They make the skin itchy and flaky resulting in a rash. Usually this type of rash looks red or a deep brown color. You can see that skin is cracked or scratched. If you want to cure dry skin, you should use external applications such as creams and moisturizers. You can also help your condition of dry skin and thus avoid rash is taking some essential oils. These are present in mineral and vitamin supplements.

More serious conditions like psoriasis, chicken pox, seborrhea and melanoma’s can cause frequent skin rashes. These rashes are much different in appearance and they will also spread all over the body.