What Is Catarrh And Do You Suffer From It?

That’s why they should come to hospital with their children, if catarrhal diseases become frequent. This must be taken at bedtime to seek relief from the nasal catarrh. This will eliminate the irritant and help clear the catarrh more quickly.

It is used for respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, catarrh and asthma; for wrinkles, wounds and dry skin, and in cases of rheumatism, cystitis and leukorrea. If the catarrh is chronic it may be a symptom of an allergy. Restores sense of smell due to catarrh.

Also excess catarrh and mucus and neuralgia, cinnamon are a good treatment from the ordinary coughs and colds to catarrh and respiratory infections, especially in cases where there is fever present. It may also help in the treatment of bronchitis, catarrh, dry persistent coughs, laryngitis as well as sore throats.

It is used for respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, catarrh and asthma; for wrinkles, wounds and dry skin, and in cases of rheumatism, cystitis and leukorrea. Using saline drops or spray can effectively help ease the symptoms of catarrh by hydrating the nasal passages. Other uses that have been identified are for diabetics, where Professor Kuhn found an improvement in the blood picture, for coughs and catarrh and in the treatment of circulatory problems of a mild nature.

Black Nightshade (Solanum nigrum) can remove the catarrh and phlegm deposited in the bronchial tubes. Regular use of tea tree oil has been found to be effective in treating Asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, cough, sinusitis and even tuberculosis, excellent for all excess catarrh and mucous conditions, particularly those in the ears.

The symptoms of rheumatic conditions and gout improve, as do chronic bladder catarrhs and urination problems. If the bout of catarrh is particularly bad, try running the hot water in the bathroom and sit in the steam in with bathroom door closed. Conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, coughs, colds, sinusitis and sore throats can all benefit enormously.

Fennel can be used to help with bloating, flatulence, mild digestive spasms, catarrh, and coughs. Belleric Myroblan (Terminalia belerica) the fruit of the belleric myroblan has excellent curative powers in the treatment of coughs caused due to catarrh. Garlic is recommended to help treat colds and flu, catarrh, heart and circulation problems and fungal infections.

Modern science has also proven that basilic has the multiple functions of soothing nausea and digestive problems, curing various stomach ailments like cramps, gastric, vomiting, intestinal catarrh and constipation, killing germs, aiding in blood circulation, which is good for relieving muscle injuries and aches, purging perspiration and lowering the body’s uric acid level to reduce cases of gout and arthritis. The best way to get rid of catarrh is to understand its underlying cause. This condition could be caused by many factors like chronic catarrh, raised blood pressure or too much of quinine.

It is especially useful for infections of the upper respiratory tract such as laryngitis, tonsillitis and for catarrhal conditions of the nose and sinus. If you suffer from chronic catarrh, you should seek medical attention to determine the underlying cause. If you suffer from respiratory problems such as coughs and bronchitis then fennel could help to ease your congestion and is a useful remedy for catarrh.

Left untreated, catarrh can lead to more serious problems. When the nose is affected it can show symptoms such as hay fever, rhinitis, catarrh, blocked nose, sinus pain, sneezing and a running nose. Chemicals and drugs will come out of the body as well when the body builds sufficient energy and strength to liquefy and throw off catarrh (mucous).