What is Alcoholic Gastritis urdu?

Alcoholic gastritis is an unfortunate result of excessive drinking; heavy drinkers who experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and stomach pains need to be on the watch out for alcoholic gastritis, the sure fire way of eliminating alcoholic gastritis for good is to gradually reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages, medicines may not avail you of the root cause the condition completely therefore abstinence is a must.
A person suffering with alcoholic gastritis have inflamed stomach lining, which in turn result in complications such as internal bleeding as well as symptoms such as nausea, bloating, flatulence, as well as a burning sensation in the stomach, if such symptoms are occurring on a regular basis one should immediately seek medical attention.

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Alcoholic gastritis can be a serious condition if left ignored and can turn in to a chronic condition with elapsed time, furthermore the afore mentioned symptoms will gradually get worse and can become a serious impairment. If a person goes on to develop chronic alcoholic gastritis a large number of stimulants such as coffee, aspirin and spicy food can trigger off an attack not merely alcohol, the conditioned is worsened now because the lining is so badly irritated that the slightest trigger can set of a gastritis attack.

The only cure for this type alcoholic gastritis is tackling the root cause of it, namely alcohol. By removing alcohol from your system you will be removing the irritants in the alcohol which is causing the gastritis. Heavy drinkers who abstained from alcohol but are still experiencing the nasty effects of gastritis should go undergo further medical attention which would be prescribed in line with a doctor’s recommendation, for there is a chance of chronic gastritis to have developed in the patient. The doctors usually diagnose the condition of alcoholic gastritis through means of conducting laboratory as well as physical examinations on the patient.

Blood tests will determine whether there have been any Internal hemorrhaging and or any blood loss, endoscopy is a another test that will determine the condition of your stomach, the test uses a small tube called an endoscope that is placed in to your throat and is pushed down in to your stomach, normally this procedure will be conducted under general anesthesia.

If one is diagnosed with alcoholic gastritis and it has developed in to a chronic condition severe changes need to be made in regard to one’s diet, one should start omitting alcohol and smoking along with dietary changes such as abstaining from spicy, fatty and deep fried foods .