What is a Woman's Opinion on Penis Size?


The same way a guy views women and breasts is similar to the same way women view guys and penis sizes. If you asked your woman about whether penile size matters or not, you would get a response answer. Most women would not want to hurt their lover's ego by saying the truth which is – penis size matters a lot when it comes to sexual intercourse, most especially penile girth.

Just try asking your lover about what she thinks about your penis size and you would definitely get a "watered down" answer. It is exactly the same as your woman asking you if she is fat – in most situations you do not give her a direct answer you just beat around the bush especially when she does not have a figure that is similar to catwalk models. In the same manner if you asked your woman while penile size matters and if she would prefer a larger penis you should not expect a direct answer.

But the truth being that even if every woman on the face of the earth actually says that penis size does not matter most men would still wish for a bigger penis.

Now let's talk a little more on what women's opinions are concern penis size. In a recent survey that included over 500 women ranged in age from 19 – 40 years, over 80% of the women survey said that they prefer a thick penis that can give the feeling of being "full" in their vaginas. The women's perfect penile girth ranged from 5.95 to 6.5 inches. As for length majority of the women preferred penile length between 7 inches and 8 inches. Anything above 8 inches looks to long for these women to handle.

However one very noticeable thing about this survey was the insistence of over 80% of the women surveyed that a larger penis girth is much more enjoyable than a longer male sex organ. In simple words women prefer a thicker manhood better than a longer one. But in a situation where a penis is 6 inches in girth and 8 inches in length, 76% women agree that this is the perfect penis size – these women were actually given a dildo (artificial penis) that had these particular length and girth.

Let's delve into anatomy to understand why women tend to favor larger penises most especially thicker ones. A woman's most sensitive pleasure nerves are centered around the vagina's opening. What this translates to is that a larger penile girth tends to give more pleasure to a woman than a longer one since a thicker manhood would stretch the vagina lips and rub more against the vaginal canal which leads to more pleasure for the woman.

In a situation where a man has a long and thick manhood, you can be sure that his wife would cherish him forever most especially if he knows how to use his' equipment "properly during sexual intervention. girth than on length most guys still want a long penis just to feel good about their bodies.

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