What is a Trapped Nerve and How Do I Fix It?

There might be many causes of pain the back and one of them is trapped nerves. A good specialist will be able to tell if the pain in the back is due to this.  If the pain is actually due to the compressed nerves then a specialist will recommend treatment accordingly.

The nerves in the back are ‘pinched’ or they may be stretched, compressed, irritated or constricted. These nerves could be irritated due to pressure from the surrounding tendons, muscles or bones. This situation causes pain and discomfort in the back which may gradually increase if treatment is not started soon. The pain could be any of general pain or muscle spasms, a tingling feeling or numbness.   These are some of the common symptoms.

There are some recommend treatments like sleeping and sitting with the right posture. There is also physical therapy such as placing a heat pad on the back and also getting your back massaged by a specialist. You have to avoid lifting heavy things and abruptly turning left or right till the condition is brought under check. In most cases prevention is always better than cure and you should avoid anything that may increase the pressure on the nerves. The important point here is that further damage should be prevented. There are many people who suffer from a stiff neck and numbness in the toes and fingers. There are some extreme cases that may last for several weeks.

The trapped nerve pain can be handled with a combination of therapies such as medications, exercises and massage. Preventive methods such as yoga are also recommended by some doctors.

Ultimately, there could be a number of different reasons why you have back pain now, there are plenty of resources on how to fix a trapped nerve. 

You’ll wonder why you waited so long.