What is a Tdap Vaccine


Tdap vaccines are used to protect us against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (also known as the whooping cough). These diseases are known to be caused by bacteria infections. These diseases are all considered very deadly. Do not be confused between the Tdap and DTaP vaccines.

Tdap acts as a booster for the DTaP vaccine for people between the ages of 11 – 64. The injection is generally placed into the thigh or into the arm. Doctors recommend children between the ages of 11 and 12 to be vaccinated.

Since this vaccine can protect you against the disease pertussis, the following people should also consider getting immunization:

• Mothers handling newborns who have received their Tdap immunization
• Adults who are constantly in contact with infants.
• Health care providers who works with patients on a daily basis.

Tdap vaccines can also help children and adults against tetanus infections if they receive a severe cut or burn.

This vaccine may also cause the certain side effects that generally last a few days. Some side effects include:

• Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea
• Rash and body aches
• Swelling or soreness at the injection point

Tdap immunization is not for everyone, you should not get the shot if you have experienced the following conditions:

• Severe reaction to the DTap vaccine
• Allergic reaction to any of the ingredient
• Went into a seizure after receiving the Dtap injection.

Those that can not receive the vaccine due to certain temporary conditions may receive the Tdap injection at a future time. It is also safe for people affected with a mildness illness to be vaccinated.