What Is a Strep Rash: Understanding the Progression

What is strep rash? Scarlatina, also known as strep rash generally occurs with a case of strep throat. Streptococcus bacteria is what can cause a strep throat infection.

The symptoms of strep throat are: chills, headache, high fever,a very sore throat that is red and irritated,ndifficulty eating or swallowing, enlarged tonsils and swollen lymph nodes or glands in the neck. A strep throat infection has to be confirmed by a doctor who will lightly swab the throat of the patient. The swab is then sent off to be analyzed and the results come back in two days or less. A scarlet fever rash can become visible on the patients skin.

Strep rash is thought to be an allergic reaction to toxins from the strep bacteria. What are the characteristics of strep rash? To understand it, you should be watching for very tiny red pimples that appear all over the person’s body. The skin will appear very red, much like being sunburned and will have pimples that are rough to the touch. The abdomen and chest are the first areas that will show signs , however the whole body may become covered .

Generally areas of the skin that are moist will be affected more. Areas such as the arm pits and groin where there are skin folds will feel the impact. Usually it will start to fade within seven days. One common symptom of healing is the peeling of the skin that can last up to two weeks time.

However, skin flaking can go on for a longer period in a more serious case. Other symptoms of scarlet fever include: flushed cheeks, a pale area around the mouth, a tongue coated in white or red with red dots on the tongues surface and skin creases such as elbows, neck, underarm and groin that are darker in color.

You can also see that if you apply pressure to the skin’s surface rash disappears or whitens. Scarlet fever and strep rash are more prominent in children ages five to fifteen years old.

Scarlet fever is not usually encountered very often even though strep throat is common. To prevent any complications from strep throat, the infection should be treated with antibiotics. Rash treatment is not required for strep rash, as it usually disappears on its own.

The rash is an uncomfortable feeling, however over the counter rash creams can be used to combat it. Another reason that it can occur is due to a skin infection that develops as a result of bacteria entering the body via a scrape, cut, impetigo of the skin or a burn. A trip to the doctor is required to verify a diagnosis.