What is a Skin Tag, Why Do They Happen and Do They Ever Go Away?

Well there's no doubt about it, these things are aggravating, ugly, and embarrassing if they are in a place people can see. But just what is a skin tag and what do you need to do about them? Will they go away on their own or what?

Do not worry, this is a problem many people deal with. First, a skin tag is very simply a small noncancerous (benign) growth. Normally you will find hem to be flesh-colored growths of skin which are attached by a very narrow piece of skin called a stalk. Sometimes the color will vary a bit, as will the texture and size. It is very rare that they are malignant so, away from the cosmetic issue, they are not anything to be very concerned about.

You will usually find these tags located on the face, eyelid, underarm area, or in places where your skin rubs together such as under the breasts or in the groin area. These locations can cause the tags to be painful because of the skin rubbing together or rubbing or snagging on clothes.

Middle age is a very popular time to find these benign growths popping up. There is no real known cause, and they do not generally go away on their own.

Although these growths are for the most part considered quite harmless, many people choose to have them removed anyway due to the fact that they simply are not very appealing to look at. Sometimes they are painful too, depending on the area where they are located. If you are not bothered by your skin tag, it's fine to just leave it be. However, a dermatologist can easily freeze them or snip them off if you would like to have them removed.