What Is a Djinn or Jinn?

Djinns or Jinns are supernatural creatures that can shape-shift and provide humans with what seems like magical abilities. They also can take form as another living person, or animal such as dogs and camels. Rarely do they take form as a smaller animals since death of the animal would lead to their own peril. Depending on their age, reputation, and talent they can help with:

*  Manifestation of your wishes

*  Revenge/Retribution

*  Harm others without being seen

*  Cause arguments between spouses

*  They can bring luck to a certain extent

*  Some can aide in the banishing of another Djinn

*  Move of objects

*  Magical abilities

A prophet by the name of Sulaiman (PBUH) once ordered a djinn to bring him Queen Sheba’s throne, and it stated it can do it before he stands. Djinns can travel to the lowest levels of heaven, even though it is dangerous for them to gather information spoken among angels. In the old days the heavens were not guarded, so many fortune teller would use their djinn to gather info this way, but of course the djinn added his own lies to the conversation. But after the coming of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the heavens are now guarded and a djinn would be struck by meteorites/ flying stars if they tried to eavesdrop from the heavens.

“And we have guarded it (the Heavens) from every accursed devil, except one who is able to snatch a hearing and he is pursued by a brightly burning flame”. Qur’an 15:18

A Djinn is not a game. Everyone wants one, everyone thinks they will be able to accomplish this or that, but in fact they are wrong. What you know of the Djinn is what you read on the internet, or were told by some eBay seller, and that information is FALSE. It is an gimmick for you to buy. Ever wonder if their claim were so true, then why are they not the billionaires, and have immense power, as they claim you would, if you bought there one of a kind Djinn?

Half of the things people want a Djinn to do, it won’t. Because if it was all that easy, then the real conjurers around the world, would be some of the most powerful people on this earth. have castles, power, money (etc). Yet most live in old villages, and small houses, charging people for their work. NO? Go travel, and see how correct I’m.

Can a Djinn make you wealthy and powerful? Sure. But there is more to it, then just having a Djinn. Many unlawful and Haram things.