What Is A Dislocation?

There are many types of bone injuries. One example is dislocation. Dislocation happens when one of the bones attached to your joint becomes out of place. This is a very common injury for people who are always receiving huge impacts to their joints such as athletes and gymnasts. Dislocation is very different from broken bones. When a bone breaks, this means that a part of the bone is fractured. However, when a dislocation happens, no part of the bone is broken. It is simply dislocated or detached from the join that has been holding it in place.

A lot of people confuse dislocation with a broken bone because the symptoms are almost similar. When you experience dislocation, you will be unable to completely control that part of your body. The joint holds the bone together in order to allow you to move freely. However, once cannot hold one bone anymore, then you will definitely have difficulty in moving. Your movements will be limited and restricted. For instance, if one of the bones connected to your elbow joint is dislocated, then you will have a difficult time to use the affected arm. In worst cases, you will not be able to move that part at all. Aside from motion restriction, people experiencing dislocation also suffer from pain and bruises. When a bone is disconnected or dislocated, the nerves and the muscles around it are affected. As a result, some of the blood vessels may be ruptures or some muscle fibers might be stretched. This causes the bruises and the pain. Dislocated bones also have the tendency to protrude which aggravates the situation.

If you suspect dislocation, you should never move that part of your body that is affected. If someone else around you suffers from dislocation, you should also not attempt to move that person. You need to keep the area as it is. You can apply first aid by putting a sling on the affected area so that it will not be moved. This is very important. If you attempt to put back a dislocated bone, the condition might become very serious. If there is an open wound, you should immediately clean it with running water. However, you should be careful not to apply so much pressure on the affected area and be careful not move it so much. You can also apply ice or cold water if the area is severely bruised and inflamed. After doing the first aid treatment, you should immediately take the patient to the hospital and have medical professionals take over. Bone dislocation is a very serious injury because it can lead to a more undesirable condition.

If the dislocation is caused by an unpredicted accident, then there is no way to prevent it. However, if it is caused by activities and lifestyle, then you can surely have a way to avoid the situation. For instance, if you are playing sports, you should make sure that you have the necessary protective equipment to protect yourself and your bones. You should wear knee pads, elbow pads and helmet.