What Is a Dermoid Cyst?

Dermoid cyst is a benign tumor that develops in the ovaries. It is also known as a cystic teratoma and is responsible for one third of benign tumors diagnosed each year. There is only a very small percentage of transforming this benign tumor malignant, however, if untreated it may lead to a bigger problem. There are two types of ovarian cyst – functional and complex. Functional Cyst helps perform ovarian function like fertilization. Dermoid Cyst is in the complex category, it comprises of mature skin accompanied by hair follicles, stale blood, sweat glands, nails, teeth, fat, bone and cartilages. Its bizarre appearance that sometimes look like a human baby. It’s size ranges from half an inch up to seventeen inches. Although its wacky and weird appearance, this tumor is actually common to women especially during the child-bearing days,. This is usually caused by totipotencial germ cells.

There is usually no symptoms on dermoid cyst, unless the cyst’s dimension and sizes is enlarged and swelling. It is usually through pelvic examination, that women become aware of the situation. When the cysts grew larger it tends to twist, causing the person to experience extreme pain in the abdominal part. There are also times when it stops the blood supply causing serious consequences like death. There is a way to remove this cyst and that is through conventional method. The surgery needed for this condition varies on the size and position of the dermoid cyst. If the cyst is small, it may be possible to use the laparoscopy surgery. Laparoscopy surgery involves making a small incision and using small surgical instrument to manage the cyst removal. But in some cases, an open surgery is needed to eradicate the cyst or even the whole ovary if required. There is also a more holistic approach to cure ovarian cysts.

The holistic approach is a more effective means of treating ovarian cyst since it approaches the problem by finding the root causes and treating them. After the root causes has been cured, it is a lot less likely for it to return again. That is one of the reason why the holistic approach is successful in treating all kinds of ovarian cysts. There are different reasons why it works, and it is listed below:

1. Natural and Safe – there’s a minimal risks factor in curing ovarian cysts holistically, since surgery is not the procedure needed.

2. Eradicate Real Cause – the Holistic approach gets rid of the real cause by understanding and knowing all the causes individually. This not only helps ovarian cyst but it helps our whole body.

3. Offers Control – a lot of women do not like undergoing operations and surgery because of the risks involve. With holistic approach, they are more in control of the situation.

4. Heals emotionally – having an ovarian cyst can be traumatic mainly because you feel like not in control of what is happening to your body and moreover, you are worried that it may cause to death.

Do not wait for serious consequences, when you can treat it now. Many women suffers the same problem and you are not alone, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you think you are suffering from ovarian cysts, consult your doctor immediately.