What Is A Compound Fracture?

There are many types of fractures. Fractures are categorized depending on their appearance and their severity. Some of these types include greenstick fractures – a type of fracture wherein the bones do not break completely but they do bend and break at one side just like a greenstick, internal fracture – a type of fracture where bones break on the inside but there is no open wound and a compound fracture – a type of fracture where the bones break and protrude causing the skin to break open. In this article, we are going to focus on compound fractures.

A fracture is considered compound if the bones get broken and also the skin. It is when the muscles tear apart as well because the bone has protruded and become visible to the naked eye. This type of fracture needs immediate medical attention to avoid infection.

Compound fractures are one of the most dangerous and risky fractures that someone can have. This is because it involves an open wound. You should know very well that open wounds are vulnerable to being infected. Because it is exposed in the air, the wound may catch infection and it can worsen. This is especially true in polluted areas where the air is filled with harmful substances. A person who gets this fracture needs to have the wound cleaned and sanitized as soon as possible. It will be very difficult for doctors to treat it if infections have already occurred.

There are several first aid procedures that you can do to open fractures while you are waiting for doctors to come. You should get sterile gauze and something that will sterilize the wound such as alcohol. Make sure to cover the wound as soon as possible. If the wound is bleeding, you should apply a bit of pressure to stop to it. If it does not stop, you can apply an ice pack to numb the area temporarily. This will also reduce the pain that the patient is feeling.

Compound fractures usually need surgery for them to be treated. This is because the bone has already protruded and the only way to get it back in place is through surgical or invasive procedures. Recovery time is also a lot longer than the ordinary fractures however it still depends on the severity of the condition. On the average, it takes more than two months for the bone to completely recover after surgery. While it recovers, the doctors may use a cast to keep the injured area in place. The type of cast will depend on the doctor and the patient. You can choose light and durable casts however they may be priced more expensively. It is best to ask your doctor which one is suitable for your condition. These are just some of the things you need to know about compound fractures.