What Is A Circle Device Penis Enlargement

Circle device penis enlargement is a circular weight made of fine pewter. The circular design is hinged to allow opening and closing so that it can clamp snug around the penis. It also has a cutout on the underside to allow urination while wearing. The device opens and closes by the use of an elastic band that fits into a groove on the outside of the unit. It works by stretching the penis, due to the weight of the device, resulting in penile lengthening. The device has been on the market since 1996.

Different sizes

The device comes in four sizes and can be customized to fit any size penis. The manufacturer recommends using the smaller 16 oz. device if you are going to wear it to work or while out and about. If only wearing around the house, the 24 ounce or 32 ounce sizes are recommended. The heavier devices need only be worn 4 hours per day to achieve the same results as the 16 oz. device achieves in 8 hours. The heavier devices can also be worn for longer periods of time; the longer the device is worn, the faster the stretching will be.

The 12 oz. device is used for any individual who wants to test the device for comfort. If satisfied, they can then decide if they like the results they get from the lightweight, and would like to progress to one of the heavier weight sizes for faster results.

Negative results

Some men have reported issues with the circle device penis enlargement not fitting correctly, that it tends to slip off the penis. This could be due to the men measuring themselves incorrectly before they order the device (penis measurements are sent to the manufacturer when ordering the product). Some men have solved this problem by wrapping the penis shaft in some elastic gauze bandage to assure a tighter fit.

Others have the opposite effect, with the weight fitting too snugly and cutting off the circulation to the penis.

Some men have also complained that wearing weights will lengthen the penis but will do nothing for girth. So if you just want a long penis, go with the circle device. If you want a long plus a thick penis shaft, you will have to use another product.

Lastly, some say the device is too expensive – $80 – $110.

There are also homemade circle device penis enlargement that can be constructed cheaply. A search at some of the men’s health forums, such as mens-network.com, may provide some leads.