What Is A Breast Cancer Tumor?

This article will bring you revelation on how a breast cancer tumor affects the human body and where it is located. More women die of breast cancer every year than of any other cancer related deaths. Recent figures show that cancer already or is about to surpass heart disease as the number one killer of Americans. I have information about breast cancer and other related diseases on my website located in the resource box below.

What Is Breast Cancer?

First of all, malignancy tumor means a group of cells that may invade nearby tissue or even spread or (metastasize) to other areas of the body. In other words, if a woman or even a man is diagnosed with breast cancer, then they have a malignant tumor.

What Makes Up The Structure Of A Breast ?

For you to get a better understanding of where breast cancer tumor gets it start, I will reveal the internal parts of a breast:

Lobules – Milk producing glands

Ducts – Tiny tubes that carry the milk from the lobule to the nipple

Stroma – Fatty tissue and connective tissue surrounding the ducts and lobules also blood vessels and Lymphatic System.

Where Is The Cancer Located Inside Of The Breast?

Ducatal Carcinoma – This is the most common form of breast cancer tumor and is located within the ducts and has not spread through the walls of the ducts to the surrounding tissue.

Lobular Carcinoma – Is a breast cancer tumor that is located and stays within the milk producing glands, but does not go through the walls of the tubules.

Sarcoma – Is a type of cancer that has their origin from connective tissues such as fat or blood vessels. Sarcomas of the breast are rare.

Invasive Carcinoma – Most breast cancer tumor are invasive carcinoma. (IC) is one that has spread from other cells than where it first started.

The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System is very important in regards to breast cancer because the breast cancer tumor can travel down the lymph vessels (mini veins except they carry lymph or clear fluid) to the lymph nodes (small bean shaped collections of immune system cells) or to other areas of the body. Lymph itself is made up of waste products, immune system cells, and tissue fluid. Almost all lymphatic vessels in the breast join with lymph nodes under the arm. In addition, lymphatic vessels connect to lymph nodes inside the chest cavity and to those either below or above the collarbone. There is more information on cancer and other health disease located at the website in the resource below. I will keep you updated on more information as it is uncovered.


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