What Is A Bone Tumor?

Your bones are important to your body. You can move because of them. Your organs are protected because the bones surround them. The bones, however, sometimes develop some problems. In some cases, there are tissues that grow inside the bones that can cause problems. This abnormal growth is known as a bone tumor. Bone tumor can either be benign or not.

There are two types of tumor. The first type is known as the primary tumor. It is the type that originates from the bones themselves. This classification can still be further divided into two kinds. The first kind of primary tumor is the benign tumor. They are not real neoplasms however they can be infectious and they can cause inflammation. One example of this is osteoid. The second kind of primary bone tumor is cancer. They are the malignant tumor that can cause conditions such as osteosarcoma. A malignant tumor is quite dangerous for your body therefore it should be treated immediately. The second type of bone tumor is the secondary bone tumor. It is the type that does not originate from the bones rather it originates from outside factors such as the organs. The effect on the bones is not direct but it still poses harm to the body.

There are symptoms that should be watched out for. One of the common symptoms is pain. At first, the pain may still be bearable but the intensity increases over time. People who have this condition may also experience extreme fatigue and loss of appetite. In worst cases, fracturing of the bones may happen even though there is no accident or trauma involved.

There are different treatments that can be administered to patients with tumor on the bone. However, the treatments will vary depending on the type and the severity of the disease. One treatment that be advised by the doctor is chemotherapy. This is a common procedure that helps in fighting malignant and cancerous cells in the body. Doctors may also prescribe medications that help improves bone density. Since bone tumor may cause the bones to break easily, it is important to make sure that the bones are strong. In some cases, amputation may be advised. This is when the doctors no longer have a control on the effect of the tumor to the bones and they have to stop the spread of the disease. Fortunately, amputation is not the last resort for people experiencing severe effects of bone tumor. Thanks to technology, bone grafting and artificial bone installation are now possible. Artificial bones may not function as effectively as real ones but they can definitely help the patient recover and adapt faster.

These are some of the things you need to know about a bone tumor.