What Impact Does the Weather Have on Your Mood?


Do you ever find yourself easily agitated when the weather temperatures sky rocket? Or better yet, do you ever feel melancholy, fatigued, or even depressed when it’s cold and rainy outside? I’m sure that many of us have experienced some of these feelings at one time or another. So is the weather actually responsible for our prompt mood changes?

Although the answer to that question is not one hundred percent certain, there are a few studies which confirm that the weather does in fact have an impact on our mood. One such study proved that long periods of high temperatures increase the amount of crime. It seems that during hot weather, people are a lot more irritable and hostile. Several studies show a strong correlation between us and the climate.

Another way that it has proven how the weather impacts the mood is through a condition called SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) is a condition which is characterized by depression during the winter months. The main cause of this condition is lack of sunlight. What happens is your body’s internal clock goes out of sync and it upsets the body’s routine. Some of the symptoms of SAD include: depression, sadness, fatigue, sleeping too much, loss of appetite, increase in appetite (particularly carbohydrates), increase in weight, decrease in activity, apathy and irritability. There are certainly a lot of facts which do in fact point to a strong correlation between the weather and our mood. So is there anything that we can do in order to improve how we feel during these climate changes. Well one way to deal with the weather changes is to look at the up-side. For instance, when the weather is hot, you should rejoice in the fact that it’s sunny and beautiful. Go for a breezy beach walk or embark upon some water activities. And when the weather is gloomy or rainy, think of all of the things that you had always wanted to do at home. Work on a painting or play some board games with your kids. Simply don’t let the weather ruin your mood.