What Human Growth Hormone is and Keeping Away From Synthetic HGH

Human Growth Hormone or HGH as it is commonly called is a peptide hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. It drastically boosts and heightens tissue growth by encouraging protein to form.

Usually it is produced naturally by the brain, but as we age the amount that we produce slows significantly, especially after age 30. It is responsible first and foremost for growth, but it is also thought and seen to be the fountain of youth since this is what improvements tissue repair, cell replacement and brain and enzyme activity.

Because it is thought to be the main hormone for growth HGH has been successfully used to reverse and fix problems of abnormally short children, giving them some extra inches.

It has been used to increase muscle mass in the aging, and significantly reduce the fat that they have had in their bodies.

But is there a way of avoiding all the injections, pills, and sprays on the market and create your own fountain of youth?

Studies have shown that there can be a significant amount of side-effects not to mention exorbitant costs of human growth hormone products, so there must be another way to work around aging.

In reality the body does not stop typically producing HGH, but it just produces less and less of it as the years go by. Through through proper dieting, and more importantly through high impact anaerobic exercises your body will produce higher levels of growth hormone. Furthermore trying to keep your body fat to a minimum while maintaining your muscle mass will help greatly in maintaining a fit and trim body. In essence you do not need all these HGH products. Remember that muscle burns calories faster than fat, so it is always better to keep and maintain certain levels of muscle mass as we continue to age.

Stress is also one of the causes of premature aging, those who mull and muse about their problems too much and think negatively usually age and get sick much faster. Those living with a healthy and positive outlook in life often age more gracefully, and they look it too, without ever needing any HGH enhancements.

Stay away from negative people who seem to see the worst in life instead of the best in life. Count your blessings and forget your troubles. Try smiling everyday, as studies have shown that laughter can be beneficial for your health. Laughter is after all the best medicine.

Aging and the Human Growth Hormone will always have a connection. Many have branded HGH as the "elixir of youth." The results may be encouraging but nothing beats an all natural approach to trying to stay and feel young. There are ways to keep fit and stay young without the need to take HGH. Perhaps this article will help people remember that aging gracefully is sometimes a lot better and more effective than aging artificially through doses of Human Growth Hormone.