What Fibroid Tumors Are and Why Women Get Them

A fibroid tumor is a benign growth of the uterus (or cervix). They continue to grow until a “knot” is formed. They usually grow slowly and do not cause symptoms. A fibroid tumor is thankfully normally a non-cancerous tumor. From a gynecological point of view, it is one of the most common tumors found in this part of the body and only rarely occurs elsewhere.

Any medic who is experienced in the body’s immune system will point out that a fibroid tumor is a to our body a foreign digestible substance. If your body is producing enough enzymes, it will digest the fibroid tumor because it is a protein that does not belong.

Women who smoke are said to be twice as likely to develop fibroid cysts as women who don’t smoke.

We wish to stress that a fibroid tumor is usually a non-cancerous tumor that’s discovered inside the uterus, since everyone when first told about having a tumor always thinks of cancer first.

High estrogen levels in an individual can raise the chances of getting fibroids. Fibroid risk increase for a number of reasons, these include excessive weight gain. In overweight people estrogen is stored in adipose (to you and me this is fat) tissue.

Getting older does have some advantages though for ladies. This is because after menopause a woman’s body produces less estrogen; in fact, often as much as 80 percent less. Estrogen is a hormone produced by the ovary and therefore it reduces. This has the result that fibroids shrink.

The reverse is true though during pregnancy when additional Estrogen can make them grow bigger so anything with estrogen in it is best kept away from in pregnancy.

Women with fibroids find that they are generally harmless and non-symptomatic. Nevertheless, a few show a number of symptoms. They sometimes have periods that may last 8 days or longer. If frequent or heavy bleeding occurs during periods, high blood loss can result in an anemic condition. Some women with the condition show an enlarged tummy, almost as if pregnant, and some experience uterus pain.

However, what should you do you do if you find think that you are suffering from fibroid tumors, is to make an appointment to meet a doctor/medic to discuss this as soon as possible. Do not be concerned about the treatment either, as science may soon bring new treatments for this condition, and several scientific studies are underway right now, to test a new drug treatment that shrinks fibroids. It has been said that the results are good with most of the women who have used the drug finding that their fibroids do shrink to half their original size.