What Exactly to Do Concerning Statins and Decreasing Cholesterol Levels


Lovastatin adverse reactions along with the adverse reactions of other statin medications are becoming one of the main issues relating to prescription cholesterol medications.

Statin drugs are prescription medication that are designed to lower cholesterol, a kind of fatty protein that is made by the liver and it is located in the bloodstream. However, because of the dangerous and potential life-threatening side-effects of these medications, numerous people have grown to be suspicious and have started to stay away from them. These negative effects can be so unsafe that a great many health conscious folks are in search of natural alternatives to lower their own cholesterol without dangerous adverse reactions

Statin drugs are capable of decreasing cholesterol by disrupting a metabolic pathway. This pathway includes other essential nutrients for the body between cholesterol. The good news is that statins have very little impact on the so called "good cholesterol" in the body and perform generally on decreasing the "bad cholesterol". However, with any medication you might take there will always be risk and negative effects that it's important to be aware of. In the event that you are taking a statin medication your health care professional will want to monitor you liver enzymes to make sure you remain healthy.

Here are some of the negative effects you could experience in using a Statin Drug.

* personality changes
* memory loss
* temperature
* severe muscle pain
* headaches
* sleeplessness or insomnia
* irritation
* nausea or vomiting
* impotence
* liver problems

Another problem that can be caused by taking statin drugs is myopathy. Myopathy is an issue regarding muscle pain and weakness. An additional ailment known as rhabdomyolysis like myopathy can also develop.

Another of the Lovastatin side effects could be the risk of a disorder developing which leads to the breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue resulting in kidney failure.

There's great news however when you're looking at reducing your cholesterol levels. There are safe nutritional supplements that one could take which have been very powerful in decreasing cholesterol and improving cardiovascular health and well being.

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