What Exactly Is a Pedicure?

So you’ve heard about this pedicure thing and aren’t sure what it really is. If you are anything like I was you might think a pedicure is just getting your toenails painted! Well, that may or may not be part of the pedicure package you choose but it is not a pedicure in and of itself. In fact, unless you choose that option, it may not be a part of your pedicure at all. A pedicure needs to be part of your overall foot care regimen. In fact, it is probably the most important parts of your foot care program!

A typical pedicure, depending on what shape your feet are in, consists of a number of things. The first thing you can expect from your pedicure is to have your feet soaked in a cleansing and softening solution. This is done for a couple of reasons. One, it feels good and gives you that spa sensation. Two, it cleans your feet; you wouldn’t want to work on dirty stinky feet and neither does your pedicurist. Three, it softens your skin and nails in preparation for the rest of the pedicure process.

Normally following your foot soak and cleanse a professional pedicurist will start your grooming with removing any existing polish from your toenails. Your toenails will be trimmed if they need to be. They will be filed to remove any sharp edges and shaped to an attractive curve. If the tops of the nails need it they will be buffed to put a natural shine on them. Your cuticles will be clipped if needed and oiled. Your nails will then be cleaned of any debris residing underneath it. This will be the extent of your toenail maintenance unless you’ve opted for polish, wrap, or other upgrades.

If it is your first time you’ll probably have a lot of skin on the bottom of your feet that will need to be removed. This is done using a pumice stone or a scrubbing lotion/solution. This is often referred to as “buffing”. Depending on the amount of skin you have built up on the bottom of your feet will determine how long this process takes. Oftentimes following your foot buff your pedicurist will follow up with lotion and a massage of your foot, ankle and calf area. Don’t expect a full on massage, just a short relaxing massage of your lower leg and foot area. This will get your blood flow moving and re-energize you.

Your pedicure may also finalize with some oil for your nails or if you wear open toed shoes a nail polish or nail art. The polish and nail art will be an additional charge and may even include using jewels. Having attractive looking feet is essential for the summer time or if you live in a warm climate. Remember, if you are planning on going to the beach you’ll need to refresh the nails afterwards since the sand will act as sandpaper on your feet and nails.