What Elements Are In Our Bones?

The bones in your body are very important. They are important because they support your body movements and protect the muscles and the organs. It is very important that you make sure your bones are healthy all the time. Here are some of the elements in your bones that you need to know.

First in the list is calcium. Your parents have continually told you when you were younger that you should drink milk. They are telling you to drink milk in order for your bones to grow healthily. This is a very important fact. However, you cannot just intake calcium. It is very important that you intake a form that will be readily absorbed in your bloodstream. The good thing about milk is that it has already been processed so that the body can absorb it instantly. The calcium is then transported to the bones and muscles.

Second in the list is Vitamin D3. It is important for the bones because it helps the bones absorb the calcium in the blood faster. It also helps the substance stay in the bones preventing the bones from wearing out easily. With this, you bones can stay healthy and young even in your old age.

Third in the list is Vitamin K2. Without this element, the bones will not be able to produce proteins. Protein production is important not only for the bones but also for the muscles. You can load your body with this element by eating green leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce. You may also eat raw cheese.

Fourth in the list is curcumin. This element can be found in turmeric, a popular spice for cooking. It helps in preventing different bone problems such as osteoporosis and scoliosis.

Fifth in the list is magnesium. This element in the bone is responsible for keeping the durability of the bones. It also helps in reducing the risks of osteoporosis. You can get it from various seafood sources such as fish and shellfish. Other good sources of magnesium include whole grains.

Fifth in the list is manganese. This element is important for bone growth. You can find a lot of foods that are rich in manganese such as avocados and legumes. It can also be found in whole grains and nuts.

Last in the list is protein. This prevents the bones from being injured easily. Make sure you have sufficient amount of protein to make sure that your bones are healthy and to make sure that they will not crack or be fractured easily.

All the elements mentioned above are all important for bone growth and development. You need to make sure that you are getting enough of these elements to keep your bones at their best health. If you cannot include them in your diet, you can take supplements that will help you keep them in sufficient levels.