What Does Nail Fungus Look Like?

Do you have chipped, discolored or brittle nails?

If you have thick, discolored, or flaky nails you may have a nail fungus infection that lives under your nail. This infection is caused by an active, live fungus, or dermatophytes (pronounced: der-mah-to-fites). The infection actually eats your skin and nail, so it can continue growing and may spread to other nails.

Your nails may look different, thick and hard to trim. Nail fungus also tends to cause you discomfort, pain or tenderness that disrupts daily activities.

You may have become infected because:

-You stubbed your toe and damaged the nail.

-You may have cracked a fingernail or trimmed it too close.

-Your bare feet may have come into contact with a place where someone with an infection recently stood, such as a locker room, shower, or pool area.

-If you shared a nail file, emery board, or nail clippers with someone who has an infection, it may have gotten under your nail.

Any way you damage a nail gives this fungus an opening to get under your nail and start growing. The sooner you start treating nail fungus infections the better. Here we have great articles with home remedies and other treatments to help cure nail fungus.

So what does nail fungus look like?

-Nails may look brownish, yellowish, with little white patches. Some may even be brown or black.

-Nails may get flaky, brittle, and chipped.

-Bits of gunk or debris may collect under your nails.

-Your nails may smell bad.

-Toenails may get so thick that wearing shoes cause pain.

-Discomfort from the infection may make it hard to walk, work, or do other activities. The daily task of putting on socks or stockings can even become difficult.