What Does Endometriosis Feel Like?

It feels like Endometriosis is affecting more and more women but yet it still seems to take doctors ages to determine if you have the condition. It is not easy to detect on an ultrasound and often drastic surgery is the only way to know for sure if you have the condition.

I have endometriosis and can share some of the symptoms and what it feels like to have Endometriosis, so perhaps you can determine if it is Endometriosis a little easier and take action to reduce your pain levels.

It can get easier and the pain has subsided since I have gone all natural with my healing, so please don’t feel like it is the end of the world for having Endometriosis.

The most common feeling you have with Endometriosis is emotional feelings. You get over emotional easily and over react easily. This is actually one of first symptoms I notice with girls with Endometriosis.

The second most common symptom is period pain. It is also evident in the way you have your period. If your period is particularly heavy or has large lumps in it, this could indicate Endometriosis. Your lower abdominal area will also bloat up for the days leading up to your period and will remain quite bloated for a few days after your period. This was one of the key symptoms I experienced at 16, which I had no idea was not normal.

As Endometriosis sufferers, we also experience digestive problems, skin reactions and sensitivities. You are likely to have trouble with your eyes or eyesight. You are also likely to have varicose veins or bruise easily.

Endometriosis is also really obvious when you have sex. It will likely hurt during and after sex. You will probably find deep penetration the worst pain and it is likely to cause a tense, pulsating pain in your abdomen afterwards. I have found doing Yoga to release tension in the abdominal area, really helps with this.

For me it took over 2 years to discover I had Endometriosis and many of my symptoms were dismissed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or bladder infections. These are actually a symptom of Endometriosis, so the doctors didn’t get it completely wrong!Both are related to our hormone levels and their imbalance.

If you suffer from any of these or other symptoms of Endometriosis, it is worth exploring a better lifestyle, diet and choices for your health and body.