What do you know about kyphoplasty



Kyphoplasty is the surgery which helps the patient to recover from the spinal fracture.  Kyphoplasty treatment for spinal fracture increases the chances to recover from this specific frature and at pain management center you can get more guidance about it. It includes removing and finishing the back pain and stopmore damage to spinal cord. It also does not let any abnormality damage the spinal cord. This kyphoplasty treatment sustains the spinal cord healthy. This treatment  is not invasive and it helps you to recover from spinal fracture.  Khyphoplasty treatment is done in two sorts of anesthesia  local and general.  Both inpatient and outpatient procedures are available for kyphoplasty treatment. This treatment of kyphoplasty takes 30 to 45. Khyphoplasty sustains the height of vertebral body good and maintain the alignment of spine.  Immediate treatment of khyphoplasty may decline the hazardous effects of spinal fracture.

How is this treatment done?

At the operating table patient lays down and patient gets either general anesthesia or local anesthesia before this treatment takes place.  With the help of two tiny cuts on skin at the back tubes are entered  into the damaged vertebra.  Each tiny skin cut’s length is 1/6 or may be an inch longer. This procedure is done by the help of specialized X.RAY which helps the doctor to fix the tubes correctly into the damaged vertebra.  By the help of each tube a specific balloon is entered in the damaged vertebra.  Once the balloons reach into the damaged vertebra, they are filled up with a liquid with the guidance of X.RAY. This procedure aims to help the vertebra to recover from damage. Then the liquid is taken out of balloons and space is kept empty within bone that has beenwidened.  Adhesive bone cement is taken into damaged vertebra by tubes with the guidance of an X RAY and it is confirmed that there is no leakage of cement out of vertebra.  The cement then gets harder in minutes.

How does this kyphoplasty benefit the spinal fracture’s patients?

This treatment of kyphoplasty has many qualities to make a patient recover from spinal fracture. It decreases and finishes your back pain. It does not only make you recover from back pain but also it maintains height of vertebral body. The benefits of undergoing this kypholasty comprise of improvement in walking, sitting and laying down properly and it supports you to restart your activities of daily life as well. The risk of this treatment is very low compared to other surgical procedures.  Patient must consult his/her physician at pain management center to take a final decision to undergo this kyphoplasty procedure.