What Do Food Cravings Mean?


Women, Have you ever wondered what your food cravings mean during those times of the month?

All people are different, and when you narrow that down even further, it is very easy to say that every woman is different. Every single one has a unique body, and mind, and every single one has a unique perspective on life.

This is why, although overall many things are similar in women across the world, many, many things are also different. No two women will be exactly alike and this applies to their body structure as well.

This means that, ladies, when you get a food craving, it is all you. Nothing any book or magazine or talk show tells you will make it any different.

They can all highlight – just as I’m about to do – some of the reasons why you will get food cravings, but for some women, the reasons are so much simpler, and for some women, they are so much more complex.

So take any advice that you can find and then mold it to your own life and your own lifestyle.

  • Stress
  • Lack of an adequate amount of sleep
  • Pregnancy
  • Menstruation cycles
  • Your daily eating plan is imbalanced and your body needs replenishing
  • You suffer from a health condition which will affect the way that you eat
  • Some medications have also been known to cause hunger attacks
  • You are not getting the proper amounts of nourishment
  • You skip meals — this can lead to cravings, snacking and hunger pangs
  • You have a naturally-born sweet tooth

And these are only a small elements of the bigger picture of the reasons why you might get food cravings and why you might suddenly find yourself snaking in the middle of the night!

And for all those women who refuse to acknowledge that “that time of month” can have something to do with food cravings, think again, your body is changing along with your body needs.

You body is going through hormonal changes, and along with the mood swings you will also get “food swings”; you will crave some foods and dislike others, and you will do what you can to get your food when you want it!

Try mapping out your food habit for about three to four months, (or three to four ovulation cycles if you are not a monthly person) and see what you come up with.

A friend of mine did just that and she came up with many an explanation for her eating habits.

Over the course of six months this friend found out that she went through about one and a half weeks of wanting totally salty foods. This was just before and during and after menstruation.

After that for about one week she would go completely off food altogether, and would only eat the bare minimum to keep her going.

And after this week had passed, she would go into her own personal danger zone where she would eat herself out of house and home for about three to four days.

This primary danger zone was followed by a secondary one, where she would then root around looking for anything and everything sweet that she could get her hands on. And this went on for about one week.

Needless to say, my friend was not a happy bunny during any of these times, except she tells me, when she lost all cravings and ate normally.

By going through all this she was able to target her weak spots and deal with them. For the most part she is now more able to control her cravings and knows when and why they happen.