What Causes Tonsil Stones

Not all get tonsil stones as only some people get tonsil stones.  Many scientists and researchers conducted various researches on what causes tonsil stones and how. Based on various theories and tests they found out that tonsil stones otherwise called as tonsilloloths were caused due to the bacteria that produces sulphur, food particle debris, mucus formed out of post nasal drip and others collected in the tonsil crevasses.

The tonsil stones thus formed are hard white or yellowish colored particles which has a foul odor.  When they are properly treated soon they can become bigger in size and more in number.  Some of the normal and often found symptoms caused by tonsil stones include sore throat; feeling of something has got obstructed in the throat and bad breath.

Since the reasons are causes of tonsil stones are known recently many doctors tend to think that they can cure them by prescribing antibiotics and when do not work they might even suggest tonsillectomy.  But in reality a surgery to remove tonsil stones might not be required as tonsils guard the body from air borne bacteria or virus and do the job of catching them without enabling them to enter the body. They also help in eliminating certain food stuffs that might not be taken by the body easily like the fats, oils, diary products and refined sugar with the help of tonsils.  Hence they are much required in the body. There are various natural or herbal remedies that can be used for getting rid of tonsil stones and revitalizing the tonsils and lymph system.  Yoga, acupuncture, diet and exercise are found to be very effective in doing it.

If what causes tonsil stones is known it can help in preventing it from occurring.  Even though there are various causes for the formation of tonsil stones the major ones are said to be improper dental or oral hygiene and food particles accumulating in the crevasses of tonsils.  Most often the tonsil stones get coughed up knowingly or unknowingly but there are also instances where are required to be removed using surgery.  Tonsil stones normally do to harm the sufferers physically in a bigger way but they can affect psychologically because of the obstructive feeling and bad breath which are not liked by many.

The causes of tonsil stones can differ from one person to another. Some people misunderstood for it to be tonsillitis precursor.  The actual reason should be found out and modify that habit.  For instance persons who do not brush, floss or clean the mouth properly or who do not gargle after having food should start their oral and dental hygiene to keep the tonsils in good condition and to prevent tonsil stones from occurring.

Home Remedies for Curing Tonsil Stones
Tonsillectomy not only can lead to various health problems later but also does not come at a cheaper price.  The surgery can also hinder day to day activities for some time.  Hence, it is avoided most often. In fact, there are natural and scientifically proven ways to get rid of tonsil stones so they never return. It’s absolutely not necessary to go for a long, drawn out surgery or wasting your money on expensive nasal sprays and tablets. Follow a step-by-step program that will show you exactly how to get rid of your tonsil stones naturally and ensure they never come back! You can learn more about the program that promises a natural cure for tonsil stones from here