What Causes Tinnitus? Causes of Ringing in the Ears

Ringing in the ears is very common after hearing a loud and powerful sound, but if the ringing sound persists even after the sound is gone, then it’s time to seek medical help. Loud noises are just some of the many causes of ringing in the ears.

Tinnitus is the medical term for the constant ringing noise that may be heard in one or both ears. The noise may emanate from the canals of the outer ear, middle ear or the structures of the inner ear, but sometimes the ringing may come from the brain itself.

Ringing is just one type of sound that may be described by patients who are suffering from tinnitus. Some may mention banging, clicking, hissing, buzzing and even roaring sounds. The intensity of the sound may vary from one person to another and the sound may be present from the time you wake up and disappear within the day while other patients who suffer from severe cases of tinnitus may experience it the entire day with episodes of increasing intensity when they are aggravated.

It is said that all people may suffer from tinnitus or ringing sounds within the ear at some point of their lives. Some may live with tinnitus every day of their lives and may not find it a bother while some need to find effective solutions to get rid of persistent ringing that may have affected their daily lives.

Ringing in the ears and with the latest in tinnitus treatment technology, people who have suffered from persistent and chronic tinnitus can seek help right away. Different treatments may depend on exactly where the ringing is originating from.

Ringing in the outer ear and middle ear may be due to impaction which is very common in children. Impaction of cerumen happens when a child does not want to clean his ears; very young children may have the habit of placing small objects in their ear which leads to impaction and tinnitus. Inner body sounds bounce from the ear to the obstruction creating loud clicking or banging sounds. Only a doctor can get rid of impaction inside the ear. DO NOT attempt to remove objects inside the ear since you may just push it further.

Ringing that originates from the middle ear to the inner ear may be due to an infection which is very common in upper respiratory infections. A cold, cough or the flu often comes with a degree of ringing in the ears because of the proximity of the mouth and the ear via the Eustachian tube. This tube is the entryway of viruses and bacteria that can infect the ears which causes persist ringing.

There are so many more treatments for ringing in the ears; persistent and aggravating tinnitus must be consulted right away to get the ideal treatment as soon as possible.

Treatments for colds and the flu are often symptomatic and often the illness just goes away on its own. Tinnitus caused by upper respiratory infections often disappears when the person recovers from the flu or cold.