What Causes Our Fingers To Swell?

Mild swelling of your fingers is not something you need to worry about. However, if you notice that the swelling is severe and it happens often, it is time for you to take the necessary action. You need to deal with it immediately to avoid further problems with your fingers. First, you will have to know the different reasons why fingers swell.

Dislocation – Dislocation happens when the joints of your fingers are moved unintentionally. It could be because of an accident or mishap. When the joints are not in their proper places, this can result to swelling. In some cases, your fingers may also look different and deformed. This condition can be very painful therefore it is better to let your fingers rest and keep it immobile for a few hours.

Lymphedema – This is a condition wherein the tissues start to retain fluid. Because of the extra fluid, the fingers swell and become bigger. There are many causes associated with this disease. There are also many symptoms that you may experience. Some of the symptoms include difficulty in moving the fingers, wrist pain, tightness and swelling of your fingers. This can happen because of physical anomaly or physical trauma. Surgeries related to lymph nodes may also trigger the problem.

Preeclampsia – This condition only happens to pregnant women who are usually in their 20th week. High blood pressure and increased protein amount are experienced by mothers-to-be. Swelling is also a symptom of this condition particularly swelling in the legs, feet and fingers. If you have these symptoms, you may also suffer from weight gain, persistent headache and eye problems. This condition should be treated immediately because it does not only affect you but also the child you are carrying. Proper prenatal care should always be observed.

Edema – Fluid buildup is also the main cause of swelling for people who have Edema. If you have this condition, it is probably because you have too much sodium content in your body. Salt retains fluid and makes the tissues swell. Other reasons for Edema include heart and kidney failure. It may also be because of certain medications that you are taking. It is better to consult your doctor about the side effects. At present, there are still no cures for Edema. However, diuretics will help you reduce the swelling.

Infection – Infection is one of the most common causes of finger swelling. You can know if there is an infection by observing the skin. You need to monitor the temperature of the skin. If you skin is hotter than the usual, it may be infected and it may become really painful. It is better to go to your doctor immediately to avoid the situation from getting out of hand. Your doctor will most likely give you antibiotics and creams to lessen the swelling and to treat the infection.

These are just some of the things that cause finger swelling. Knowing them is very important especially in determining the cause and treatment for the condition. In every situation, it is best to consult with your physician to get a proper advice.