What Causes Obesity in the Modern Society?

As society becomes more affluent, more and more people become overweight. This can be due to various reasons, and most of these are related to a person’s lifestyle. We’ll take a look at what causes obesity in this article.

One reason for this is that the amount of time the modern person is physically active has decreased. There is not much need for physical activity in a modern society. Modern technology has made life very convenient for us. Instead of walking, we drive. We spend a lot of time watching television and in front of the computer. The only reason we are active is when we consciously choose to do so, like engaging in sports.

Another factor that contributes to obesity is the easy availability of food. When food becomes easily available, people can just reach out without thinking and start snacking. In addition, food portions are bigger. There’s no food shortage in a modern society so people just buy more and eat more.

Metabolism rate in general has also gone down. Due to a lack of physical activity, our bodies have no need to keep up a sustained rate of metabolism. What this means is that less fat is burnt, and are instead stored in the body.

There can also be medical reasons for obesity. Cushing’s disease, for instance, can be a cause. So can certain medications. In such a case, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. He will be able to advise what medications to take and what to avoid.

Barring medical reasons that cause obesity, in order to lose weight, one would be required to change his or her lifestyle. There is no avoiding it. Unhealthy habits need to be removed, and good habits need to be developed.