What Causes Heart Attacks – Causes and Risk Factors

What Causes Heart Attacks? They occur when there is low blood flow in the body especially in the section of heart muscles that causes to starve for oxygen. If the blood flow is not restored quickly it can lead to damage of the heart muscle from lack of oxygen and the process of dying begins. It is also known as Myocardial Infarction. There are different causes of attack, that's why it makes a leading killer for both men in women. But nowdays, there are excellent treatments that can save lives and present disabilities. The question is what causes heart attacks? And how can we avoid it? Is there any special procedure that we can do to avoid it?

Cholesterol plays a big role in having this condition; This is because cholesterol buildup can occur in these blood vessels in the form of plaque. This plaque is one of the causes of attacks as it narrows the artery and can restrict the amount of blood that can flow through it. When the artery becomes too narrow, there is no enough blood that will supply the heart muscle when it becomes stressed. Like for example when we lift or carry too much or when we run too fast, our muscle in the arm and legs will ache because there is no adequate blood supply in this area. This is the same thing happening in our heart when there is lack of blood supply in the heart muscle this pain is referred as angina.

From the plaque formation, another cause can happen. This is when the plaque ruptures; a small blood cloth can form within the blood vessels and accurately block the blood flow or blood supply. When completely loss of blood supply happens the muscle dies. This is what we called heart attack or MI- a myocardial infarction (from the word myo = muscle + cardial = heart and infarction = death due to lack of oxygen).

Narrowing of the arteries by means of cholesterol plaque and the ruptures that occur are most often causes of attacks. This is what we called atherosclerotic heart disease (AHSD) or coronary artery disease (CAD). Aside from causes of heart attack, there are also risk factors that contribute to having or experiencing it. For the ASHD it is almost the same risk factor as what we have in stroke (cerebrovascular disease) or peripheral vascular disease like: family history (hereditary), smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Causes of heart attacks may also include to the non-coronary artery disease which includes:

Cocaine use-this drug can cause the coronary to go into enough spasm

Prinzmetal angina (coronary artery vasospasm) -it can go into spasm and cause angina without specific cause.

Anomalous coronary artery- it occurs occasionally when the course of part the artery can move into the heart muscle itself. What will happen is when the muscles contracts, it can lead to kinking of the artery and cause angina.

Inadequate oxygenation-this occurs when there is inadequate oxygen supply to the heart.

We need to be familiar also to the symptoms of heart attack. Chest pain (described as tightness, fullness, a pressure, or an ache) usually associated with shortness of breath, profuse sweating and nausea.

We need to seek the doctor when we experience those symptoms this is a very serious condition that can lead to death if we will not give importance to it. Awareness in signs and symptoms and what causes of heart attacks is very important, it will help us to avoid it and to live healthy.